Laphroaig’s Team

Got to meet John Campbell,master distiller, and Simon Brooking, Brand Ambassador, for Laphroaig last night. What a pleasure it was to talk whisky with them. Mr.Brooking and his secret stash allowed for a dram of Bowmore’s Devil’s Cask as well…beautiful.

I was properly chastised for not having become a member of the “Friends of Laphroaig”. It is very easy to join and get updates on new releases and claim “your own square foot of Islay.” (pronounced Eye-leh) It’s true! You actually get a dedicated square foot of earth that is mapped by GPS. On visiting the distillery and Islay, you can plant you flag, sculpture, plaque, etc. on your plot once you locate it! All you have to do is buy a bottle of Laphroaig and the little folded leaflet in the canister will have a code that you can enter on their website to join.

Laphroiag is a peated scotch with a distinct smoky and medicinal flavor profile. There’s a sweetness under the peat that is pleasant and rather addictive…To create this smoky flavor the barley goes through a cold smoking process during the floor malting. If you haven’t seen a floor malting, it’s best to watch a video on Youtube to really appreciate the process.