Gift Ideas for the Whiskey Lover

Christmas is only a week away and the clock is ticking for those last minute gifts.

Buying whiskey for your loved ones is never easy because everyone’s tastes are so different.  People often make the mistake of buying what they think is good for someone, only to find that it sits untouched.  Unless you’re buying whiskey for your friend or loved one because you want something to drink when you visit them, just avoid the drama and go for the whiskey drinker’s accessory instead.

Many distilleries sell mini-barrels or t-shirts with their logos on them.  If you’re looking to share an experience, you could buy tickets to tour a local distillery or pick up tickets for a whiskey tasting/pairing.

Glassware is always a good choice because it is part of the drinking experience.  A nice, heavy, weighted rocks glass is a great gift.  (Some websites actually personalize them for you.)  You don’t need a set, just one or two is all the drinker needs.   Personalized glassware, decanters,

Ice molds come in all shapes and sizes.  I saw the death star ice mold recently, and with the new Star Wars movie, that could be a good one.  There are lots of fancy molds out there that you can find to fit many personalities.  Otherwise, a regular round ice mold or a large square mold is pretty easy to come by nowadays.  Any whiskey drinker will appreciate one large, solid ice cube in their glass from time to time.

Books.  I can’t stress this one enough.  There are so many good whiskey books out there.  I have dozens that I’ve picked up in antique stores and there are plenty of new books for the modern drinker as well.  Coffee table whiskey books are always a great gift.  There are plenty of magazines to get subscriptions for as well.

If your whiskey drinker is a big collector or aficionado, they may appreciate a preservation kit for their expensive whiskeys.  Small glass bottles (50ml is good) with screw on caps, a good funnel, paraffin tape (or silicone tape), and a can of inert gas are all you need for a kit.  Not every whiskey drinker feels the need to go to such lengths to preserve their whiskey, but if you have a finicky or highly particular friend/loved one this would be a great gift for that drinker.

The old standby in Pennsylvania is the gift certificate to the Wine and Spirits store.  That’s the favorite idea for your whiskey drinker.  You can’t go wrong if they’re picking out their own whiskey for their own enjoyment!  And they’ll have you to thank for their next purchase!