Bourbon and Turkey!

We all know that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and turkey is on the brain…I want to make sure to include the bourbon brined turkey recipe that makes my holiday every year.

I brine my turkey with a bourbon and apple cider brine. I used to use a clean bucket and fill it with my brine, but the bag that is used in this recipe helps conserve ingredients. A smaller container has more surface to liquid interaction. (Bourbon lovers can appreciate that fact- smaller barrels age whiskey faster with more wood interaction!) My recipe doesn’t have as much information as this comparable recipe on has so I decided it would be better to give you this one. The only thing I would change would be to put some apple cider in there-maybe half water, half cider. It’s important that you fully dissolve the salt with those ingredients on the stove. I love the mashing of the fruit into the whiskey! 

Enjoy everyone! Have a wonderful holiday!