American Whiskey Convention

I’m so excited to be a part of the American Whiskey Convention in Philadelphia.  The Dram Devotees of Bucks County will have a booth at the event and we will enjoy every minute of it!

The event is designed to celebrate American whiskeys in all stages of production and beyond.  It starts with the farmers and the maltsters.  There will be grain farmers present to explain the importance of sustainable grain agriculture and farming practices within the state.  Pennsylvania actually boasts a malting house with a honest to goodness malting floor!  Deer Creek Malthouse is in Glen Mills, Pa and they are sticklers for grain quality, buying only the healthiest local grains.  They will be there at their own booth amongst local distillers that use their products.  You’ll be able to taste the grain!  After malting, there is the milling of the grain.  Castle Valley Mill will be there to explain the process and show off some of their grain products.  Good whiskey comes from good grain, excellent malt and healthy yeasts.

The whiskeys themselves will, of course, be the star attractions in all their delicious varieties.  This event is centered around the distillery and the knowledgeable people that represent them.  I love the idea that the people answering your questions will actually be able to do so.  If you want t o know the mashbill, the barrel entry proof, the reason it tastes the way it does, they will actually know!  The speaker series discussion forums will be hosted by Dave Pickerell (of Whistle Pig, Hillrock Estates, Mt. Vernon Distillery, Corsair, etc.) and Herman Mihalich of local Dad’s Hat Rye.  This is a Pennsylvania event, after all, and rye is king here.  American whiskey began in Pennsylvania.  It’s only right that we should celebrate its return to dominance in the spirits industry here.

The event doesn’t end with the whiskeys.  The lifestyle of the American whiskey drinker has created a wealth of businesses and crafts people that are inspired by whiskey.  There are artisans that build furniture from used bourbon barrels, a great variety of glassware and barware, handmade items and gifts.  There will be handmade suits, cigars, watches, shoe shines and straight razor shaves!  There will be candies, sweets and sauces designed to pair well with whiskey.  It’s so much more than just a tasting event.  It’s an overall whiskey experience.  I, for one, can’t wait.