Whiskey and the Season

Christmas may be over, but the season certainly isn’t!   Christmas has certain flavors that most people can relate to.  I’m sure you’ve heard someone say,” This tastes just like Christmas!”

Most of those Christmas flavors (like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, mint, figs, raisin, fruitcake-or Christmas cake, gingerbread, chocolate, sugar cookie, etc.) are found in whiskey!  It’s no coincidence that whiskey is such a popular drink during the holidays.  It just pairs so well with all the foods we eat during the season.

I opened a bottle of High West’s “A Midwinternight’s Dram” with my family on Christmas Eve and it was the perfect complement to the evening.  The blended rye whiskey was full of spices and fruit.  We paired the whiskey with Diamond Crown’s Julius Caesar Robustos, which have a distinct chocolatey, butterscotch smoothness.  Nothing makes you sit still and spend time with others like a whiskey and cigar.  Both require a time commitment and create a relaxing environment that encourages eased conversation.

Is it any wonder that whiskey and cigars have traditionally been an after dinner enjoyment?  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and the next few days supply a healthy dose of relaxing time spent with the ones you love!  Cheers!

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