Distilleries Active in Pennsylvania after Repeal, Listed

I thought it might be advantageous to list the names of the distilleries that were licensed to produce whiskey after 1933. This list was recorded as part of the hearings before the Committee on Finance with the US Senate in April 1935. Several of these distilleries were issued permits to produce medicinal whiskey before the 21st amendment went into effect. I have also listed brandy and industrial alcohol producers, as well.

  1. Bridgewater Distilling Company (Bridgewater, PA)
  2. Continental Distilling Company (Philadelphia, PA)
  3. Joseph F Finch & Company (Schenley, PA)
  4. Foust Distilling Company (Springfield Township, York County, PA)
  5. Frantz Distilling Company (Meyersdale, PA)
  6. Fry & Mathias, Inc. (Manor, PA)
  7. Hamburger Distillery (Brownsville, PA)
  8. Highspire Distillery Company (Highspire, PA)
  9. Kinsey Distilling Company (Linfield, PA)
  10. Lebanon Valley Distilling Company (aka Bomberger’s/Michter’s- Schaefferstown, PA)
  11. Meadville-Pennsylvania Distilling Company (Meadville, PA)
  12. Mid-Valley Distilling Corporation (Archbald, PA)
  13. Overholt & Company (Broad Ford, PA)
  14. A.Overholt & Company (aka Large Distillery- Large, PA)
  15. Pennsylvania Distilling Company (Logansport, PA)
  16. Riverview Distilling Company (Arensburg Ferry, East Millsboro, Luzerne Twsp., PA)
  17. Ruffsdale Distilling Company (Ruffsdale, PA)
  18. Sam Thompson Corporation (West Brownsville, PA)
  19. United Distillers Corporation (Carrolltown, PA)
  20. Uniontown Distilling Syndicate (Uniontown, PA)

Brandy Distilleries

  1. Hickory Town Distilling Company (Hanover, PA)
  2. Old Orchard Distillery (Elverson, PA)
  3. Old Sam Distilling Company (Lemon, PA)

Alcohol Manufacturers

  1. American Distilling Company (Delaware & Tasker Sts., Philadelphia, PA)
  2. The Empire Distilling Corporation (82nd & Bartran Aves., Philadelphia, PA)
  3. Penn Alchemy Corporation (1501-1509 N. 31st St., Philadelphia, PA)
  4. Publicker Commercial Alcohol Corporation of Delaware (Pier 103 South Wharves, Philadelphia, PA)