Considering the Volstead Act in Congress 100 years Ago Today

11227562_119372941734501_1395185894288261574_nToday in history, almost a hundred years ago, Prohibition was being considered in Congress. What was to become the Volstead Act, the bill was introduced in the House as H.R. 6810 by Andrew Volstead (R–MN) on June 27, 1919. (It wouldn’t pass until October, though 38 of the 48 states were already dry.) Can you imagine that it took nearly 100 years for whiskey to make a comeback in Pennsylvania?

On December 22, 2011, Governor Corbett signed House Bill No. 242 (PN2815) into law. It is now known as Act 113 and distilleries are finally making a comeback in our state! We need to support them and drive the stain of that failed experiment of prohibition out of Pennsylvania. Rye whiskey is back, baby!