Bluebird Distilling in Phoenixville, PA

Bluebird Distilling opened its doors in 2015 in Phoenixville , Pa.  The owner, Jared Adkins, had his work cut out for him refurbishing the old professional laundry warehouse that his new distillery would be located in, but after about a year of renovations, he was ready to get started.  Jared is the type of young athletic go-getter that you’d expect to find biking trails and snowboarding down black diamond slopes.  He’s certainly got the energy to run the distillery, sling drinks as bartender and promote local craft production full time! His choice to set up in Phoenixville was a good one because the town has been undergoing a bit of a transformation over the last decade, and Bluebird Distilling is helping to draw attention to the town.

The distillery is sourcing grain from within the United States.  The guys from Deer Creek Malthouse noted that Bluebird is one of their customers, so some of that grain is very local.  Their whiskeys are mostly rye based in keeping with Pennsylvania tradition.  Their four grain whiskey is a combination of corn, red wheat, rye and barley.  (That recent release sold out within an hour at the distillery!)  Each of Bluebird Distillery’s products is run through their German-made Kothe still which allows for a great deal of distilling options.  There are 17 plates in the double column system and plenty of copper interaction for the distillate.  It’s a beautiful setup!  The still has a capacity of about 260 gallons and there is plenty of room for ramping up production in the future.

Aging of the white spirit is done in 5-30 gallon smaller barrels in an effort to get their young product to market.  Their local appeal and support is strong.  It helps that they have such a comfortable bar, lounge and performance area for bands to draw the local crowds.  The brand may be new, but they are off to a great start!  You’ll find Bluebird at most local festivals and events promoting their whiskeys and other spirits.  It helps that their bartenders mix a mean cocktail as well!  Keep an eye out for them and check them out in Phoenixville on 100 Bridge Street.  It’s worth the trip!  I’m certainly enthusiastic about their growth and their contribution to their local community.