Springbank, 2 1/2 Times Distilled Whisky

We know American whiskey and scotch are usually distilled twice, and Irish whiskey is often distilled three times, but 2 1/2 times?

Springbank whisky is distilled two and half times. The first distillation goes through normally to produce low wines. Then some of those low wines are distilled a second time, but there are no cuts taken, it is just raising that alcohol level and removing more congeners from the distillate. That second run of the low wines is called the feints. Those feints are then blended back in with the remainder of the original low wines. This is what the distillery considers 1 1/2 times distilled. That blend goes through a final spirit run, a hearts cut is taken, and the final distillate is used for barreling. Hence the 2 1/2 times.

Springbank is one of only two distilleries in Scotland to perform every step in the whisky production process. (The other is Kilchoman.) It malts its barley, mashes, distills and bottles its product on site. The distillery proudly produces three varieties: Springbank Single Malt, Longrow Single Malt (peated) and Hazelburn Single Malt. It is one of the last remaining distilleries in the Campbeltown region of Scotland and is located on the southern Kintyre peninsula.12029851_173629049642223_1220709147859680253_o